Book of Time

Creative Genesis

Time is Creation – a Navigational Tool coming this Spectral Moon

The function is to unite the ternary power of Earth, Man and Heaven.
Proper energy applied to the forms as a whole, allows for the expansion of limitless earthly creation through the mind of man.

Working within the laws of Earth’s innate operating system, Time, the Book of Time represents the essence of rhythms and patterns that govern the causation of all life. Synchronized with the genetic code, it penetrates the past and the darkness of the future, allowing you to freely navigate the whole spectrum of life.

The Book of Time harmonically resonates with your thought forms. Within, crystalline images, vibrational in nature, symbolize sixty-four different archetypes of human consciousness – constant forms that represent life known to man.

By naturally attuning to the frequency of your mind, one of the sixty-four images resonates with that thought form. An image is then captured and harnessed, presenting timeless information of any thought.

Written from the perspective of a perishing civilization, this navigational tool provides the means for reconstruction and transformation of your life for utmost success.


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