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The Nash Protocol – Unbreakable Encryption

A small, high bandwidth and high efficiency cryptosystem.

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MKRAND – A Quantum Cellular Randomness Well

This is an engineering beta of a non-deterministic Digital Random Bit Generator.

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Essentially what current quantum theory says is that the basic unit of reality is the particle. There is a whole inscrutable mathematical ‘science’ that tries to describe how this theory matches reality. There are some things that quantum theory gets right, such as the photoelectric effect and the laser, but those advances came out decades ago and they have not been able to make any further practical advances.

What we mean by ‘Quantum Cellular’ is that the Universe is digital, and the smallest construct is not a particle but rather a cellular automaton. This means that digital logic like we use to program computers doesn’t just stop working once you reach the limits of material science – digital logic goes all the way down to the foundations of how the universe works. This is what NKS is – the largest unified Science (not theory) for the different processes that make up our reality.

NKS is the Theory of Everything. It is the science that Star Trek-type technology is built with. It’s what the aliens use, it is Universal and permanent.

This RNG is the first practical application of this science as applied to our current machines. It is a tool to access the raw undifferentiated digital chaos (Quantum White Noise) that is the source of all.

The bits produced by this RNG are indistinguishable from a coin toss or other similar mechanism, in that they are a product of your consciousness making contact with the physical world and the universe it exists in. This RNG will necessarily be at the base of any future software or hardware that needs real randomness, so any security product plus anything that takes advantage of these quantum effects.

Current methods such ones sold by ID Quantique or Intel are based on particle quantum theory. All they do is try to measure noise from some physical process such as a laser or an unstable semiconductor and then try to harvest that noise and produce the bits. This is completely wrong, that noise is more or less random, yes, but it is completely dependent on the physical process (context) going on in the machine, it is weakly deterministic and is not truly free – therefore it cannot interact with the consciousness of the recipient.

True quantum computing is as efficient as nature and can seamlessly interact with conscious beings.

Another way to examine this randomness is to take a green laser and examine the beam at night. You will see a speckle pattern, little bright spots that move down the beam. Some of this is dust particles but even in a clear night you will see this.. it’s the quantum effects of the beam interacting with this underlying reality and with your own mind. It is a mystical window into a something that exists beyond us, The Matrix. If you shine this laser on a seed, you will see brighter speckle areas where the seed is germinating. This is the life force of the seed interacting with the laser

This encryption method was invented by Dr. John Nash in the 1950’s, which was declassified by the NSA in 2013:

This was an unbreakable encryption algorithm that the NSA did not realize actually worked, and so they never implemented it.

Above, you can download a 10 sq ft poster when printed, that details how the algorithm works. Millions of times more efficient than current methods, this protocol can encrypt at any data rate, with theoretical minimums of energy expenditure.

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